Business sales

Preparing a business for sale requires expert knowledge of the divestment process. That means advisers who know the marketplace intimately and have strong strategic skills to market the business effectively and achieve the best possible price.

Advisory Partner works closely with clients to ensure a business is ready for sale. We understand the divestment preparation and sale process intimately and have worked with businesses ranging from medium-sized public companies and private enterprises through to emerging businesses and large corporations.

Our team of professionals has the right practical, technical and business knowledge to manage the divestment process effectively. Their expertise in diverse disciplines, such as accounting, valuations, taxation and finance, provides clients with well-rounded advice, guidance and market knowledge.

We provide a personalised service and advice and opinions that are honest, independent and objective. Our input is always focused on what is best for our clients.

Advisory Partner will:

Consult clients and use its market knowledge to establish exit options, sales strategy and search criteria

Review the business to be sold to assess the extent of any ‘grooming’ or re-structuring that would enhance the value of the business or assist in facilitating the divestment process

Assess the value of the business to be sold and the sale price range

Perform an extensive search of available databases and access Advisory Partner’s national and international networks to identify and evaluate potential acquirers

Determine and conduct the appropriate approach to potential acquirers

Prepare a business information memorandum and release it to selected potential acquirers

Create a competitive bidding environment, evaluate proposals and recommend a bid that best achieves the client’s sale strategy

Co-ordinate the due diligence process and manage the sale transaction program

Assist in negotiating the transaction terms, contract for sale and any other commercial agreements necessary to complete the transaction.

Many people think they can sell their own business, but it’s more complex than selling a home. Many things can devalue a business. An independent advisor can review the business’s future prospects and maintainable earnings. They can help you send the right message to market to attract buyers willing to pay a premium price. Advisory Partner director Brett Plant explains the process in this two-minute video.


Here’s a range of tools to assist you when selling a business:

Saleability score

Advisory Partner’s saleability score tool helps you rate your business’s attractiveness to potential buyers. Rank your business against the criteria to calculate your saleability score.


Business sale options

Here’s a quick guide to potential purchasers and advantages and disadvantages of each. Review this list and talk to Advisory Partner about which option might best suit your business as we guide you through the process of preparing your business for sale. [174KB PDF].

Action plan to increase value

Advisory Partner’s action plan gives you timelines for a range of tasks that can improve your business’s saleability by identifying negatives and implementing plans to remove them. [173KB PDF].


Common sale issues

Here’s a range of common issues that impact on the price an investor is prepared to pay for your business. Do any of these apply for you? Talk to Advisory Partner’s experts to assist you to remove these obstacles to prepare your business for a sale. [180KB PDF].

Financial due diligence

When you’re buying a business, you need to consider a range of factors around the target business’s financial information and performance. Advisory Partner’s comprehensive checklist helps you identify relevant factors that can impact on the price you’re prepared to pay. [292KB PDF].

Legal due diligence

From a legal perspective, there is a range of factors to consider, including the corporate structure, contracts, litigation, employment agreements and more. Advisory Partner’s checklist can help and our experts can provide advice. [242KB PDF].



"We sought assistance with selling our window coverings businesses, trading as Windoware Pty Ltd, MCP Australia Pty Ltd and Smart Home Products Pty Ltd. Brett managed this complicated process in a most professional and praiseworthy manner. His depth of knowledge of the processes involved proved invaluable and considerably enhanced the successful conclusion of the transaction.

"Brett’s pleasant, laid-back manner and impressive knowledge of his areas of expertise made working with him, for the six months it took to finalise our sale, a pleasure during this somewhat stressful period. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Brett." – Group General Manager Stephanie Ruhl

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