Business Valuations

A range of factors is involved in valuing a business to determine the enterprise value, including the multiple and future earnings. The multiple is determined by the industry, the ability for the business to grow going forward and the level of risk. In this two-minute video, director Brett Plant explains Advisory Partner’s experience in valuing a wide variety of businesses.

Before selling a business, you need to maximise its value. The options include improving maintainable earnings, improving the multiple by reducing risk, expanding growth options and reducing debt.

In this two-minute video, Advisory Partner director Brett Plant outlines the options and how to achieve them.

A business valuation is an estimate of the economic value of a business or an owner’s interest in the business. Understanding this value aids in the evolution of a business.

Advisory Partner has the expertise to help you make an accurate business valuation, which may be needed:

for a transaction, such as sale, capital raising or taking on a partner

for tax purposes as part of a restructure or issuing employee incentives

to support critical, strategic decision making, such as planning an acquisition or disposal

to assist with resolving disputes between shareholders or business partners.

Valuation is a complex assessment and involves professional expertise and judgement. All businesses are unique and face different competitive pressures. The value of any company or asset is intrinsically linked to the future income it will generate and future income streams are generally uncertain.

Valuation requires an in-depth understanding of the asset being valued, the market in which it operates, the company that owns it, and its competitive strengths and weaknesses. It requires careful analysis of financial and non-financial information and assesses other factors, such as legal and regulatory environments.

The Advisory Partner team has extensive experience in valuing companies and assets across a range of industries. We have broad sector knowledge derived from both consultancy and executive management experience to determine the appropriate valuation methodology to provide well-informed, insightful, robust and transparent valuation opinions.

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Corporations Act Chapter 6D - Fundraising

Advisory Partner’s flow chart shows the disclosure requirements public companies must adhere to when fundraising from investors, as outlined in Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act [121KB PDF].

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