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Selling a business

Advisory Partner’s resources can help you sell a business by gaining a better understanding of factors that affect business valuations and sales.

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Buying a business

Before buying a business, you need to conduct legal and financial due diligence. Click through to our free guides to the information required for both styles of due diligence to help you understand if a target business is right for you and at what price.

Raising capital

Advisory Partner can assist you to understand Chapter 6D of the Corporations Act, which sets out disclosure requirements public companies must adhere to when fundraising from investors. Click to see our flow chart of the 6D requirements.

Business structures

Click to view Advisory Partner’s comparative table of different business structures. You need to consider what trading and investment structures best suit your business. Advisory Partner’s experts can help you choose or change business structures.

Valuation and deals

Explore business deals, mergers and acquisitions being done right now in Australia via the Advisory Partner Deal Dashboard.