Selling a Business

Many people think they can sell their own business, but it’s more complex than selling a home. Many things can devalue a business. An independent advisor can review the business’s future prospects and maintainable earnings. They can help you send the right message to market to attract buyers willing to pay a premium price. Advisory Partner director Brett Plant explains the process in this two-minute video.


Here’s a range of tools to assist you when selling a business:

Saleability score

Advisory Partner’s saleability score tool helps you rate your business’s attractiveness to potential buyers. Rank your business against the criteria to calculate your saleability score.

Business sale options

Here’s a quick guide to potential purchasers and advantages and disadvantages of each. Review this list and talk to Advisory Partner about which option might best suit your business as we guide you through the process of preparing your business for sale. [174KB PDF].

Action plan to increase value

Advisory Partner’s action plan gives you timelines for a range of tasks that can improve your business’s saleability by identifying negatives and implementing plans to remove them. [173KB PDF].

Common sale issues

Here’s a range of common issues that impact on the price an investor is prepared to pay for your business. Do any of these apply for you? Talk to Advisory Partner’s experts to assist you to remove these obstacles to prepare your business for a sale. [180KB PDF].