Legal Due Diligence

Corporate structure

Review incorporation, constitution, company minutes, company returns, ASIC extract for each company

Review group structure, ie company and ownership of all group subsidiaries

Review capital raising documents.

Contract reviews

Review property agreements, leases, licences

Review hire purchase agreements

Review distribution agreements

Review service agreements

Review insurance contracts.

Litigation searches past and present

Conduct litigation searches past and present.

Employment agreement review for key personnel

Review employment agreements and documents.

Employment agreement review for key personnel

Review ownership of real property

Review ownership of personal property, information technology, plant and equipment, inventory, WIP, raw materials

Review ownership of intellectual property.

Government approvals, environmental matters, privacy issues

Review government approvals impacting on the business

Review environmental matters impacting on the business

Review privacy issues impacting on the business.


Review the first ranking fixed and floating charge over assets and undertakings

Review the unlimited interlocking guarantee and indemnity from the parent entity and each wholly owned subsidiary

Review the intercreditor deed between debt providers.

Review directors’ guarantees

Review the facility agreement incorporating negative pledge for security encumbrances, representations and warranties, undertakings, increased costs, illegality, events of default, reporting and financial covenants, change of majority ownership of the parent entity or any subsidiaries