Taxation planning

Tax planning is the process of organising the affairs of a taxpayer or group of taxpayers so that, as far as is legally or commercially possible, the liability of the taxpayer or group of taxpayers to income and other taxes is minimised.

Advisory Partner can help you choose the best legal structure to suit your commercial enterprise.

Tax planning is not limited to complex, high risk or sophisticated arrangements. Taxpayers contemplating even minor transactions need to consider tax planning, and particularly capital gains tax, implications to avoid adverse tax consequences.

Advisory Partner will ensure your tax arrangements and schemes are within the law to avoid the promoter penalty regime or anti-avoidance provisions and accompanying penalties.

To optimise your tax planning, you need to consider your entity’s legal structure and examine your current year profitability and forecast profit for the following year. In this two-minute video, Advisory Partner director Brett Plant talks about the options available to ensure optimal tax planning.

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